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We are a non-profit scientific society that promotes investigation in the biomedical sciences, enables career success of our members and fosters the career development of students, physician-scientists and new investigators. We accomplish this goal through publication of a peer-reviewed Journal, Experimental Biology and Medicine and cultivating a broad range of international social and research-centered events throughout the year.

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I am a Professor in the Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy at University of South Carolina School of Medicine.  I teach and do research and do a variety of service inside and outside the university. I realized when I went to college that there were other options like teaching and research.  I got the opportunity to be a teaching assistant as a graduate student and loved it.  I became very interested in Endocrinology and Reproduction.  I loved the feedback loops and signaling cascades and chose to pursue this line of study and set my goals on becoming an academic researcher and teacher.  If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.  Each step has been a learning experience that has made me a better person and who I am today.

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Training the Mind of an Interdisciplinary Scientist

Presentations on how to best prepare trainees to gain command of diverse biomedical disciplines, leadership qualities, communication skills and how to work in teams.

President's Address

Warren Zimmer
I am excited to begin my tenure as SEBM President.  We continue to develop new avenues to encourage trainee and early career scientist career paths.  Combined with a global outreach and the publishing of EBM, a premier journal in basic and translational sciences, the future of SEBM is bright.  I invite you to join us as we lead the integration of science and medicine.