Distinguished Scientist

The following members have been named recipients of the SEBM Distinguished Scientist Award, presented at the Experimental Biology Meeting.

2022 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Stephania Cormier, PhD
Louisiana State University

2021 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

David Boothman, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine

2019 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Thomas Thompson, PhD 
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

2018 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Warren Zimmer, PhD
Texas A&M HSC / College of Medicine

Michael Lehman, PhD
University of Mississippi

2017 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Ronald C. Kahn, MD
Harvard Medical School

Lars Larsson, MD, PhD

Karolinska Institute

2016 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Farzin Farzaneh, PhD
King's College London

H. Rex Gaskins, PhD
Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign

Michael Friedlander, PhD
Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Frederick Domann, PhD
The University of Iowa


2015 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Santosh D’Mello, Southern Methodist University 

William Hansel, Louisiana State University/Pennington Biomedical Research Center 

Bhanu P. Jena, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Patricia McLaughlin, The Pennsylvania State University

Peter J. Stambrook, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

2014 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Sean Tsai, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Eugenia B. Manukhina, Institute for General Pathology and Pathophysiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation 

2013 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

George F. Gao, DPh, DVM
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Andrea C. Gore, PhD
University of Texas at Austin

Robert Mallet, PhD
University of North Texas
Health Sciences Center

2012 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Lloyd L. Anderson, PhD, D.Sc
Iowa State University

Holly A. LaVoie, PhD
University of South Carolina
College of Medicine

Thomas Yorio, PhD
University of North Texas
Health Sciences Center

2011 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Andrzej Bartke, PhD
Southern Illinois University
School of Medicine

Nan-Shan Chang, PhD
National Cheng Kung University
Medical College

H. Fred Downey, PhD
University of North Texas
Health Science Center

Jinming Gao, PhD
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center

Steven R. Goodman, PhD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Arthur L. Haas, PhD
Louisiana State University
School of Medicine

Lois J. Heller, PhD
University of Minnesota, Duluth
School of Medicine

Y. James Kang, DVM, PhD
University of Louisville
School of Medicine

Ian S. Zagon, PhD
Pennsylvania State University
College of Medicine

2010 Distinguished Scientist Awardees

Hector F. DeLuca, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin
SEBM President, 1987-1989

 Henry C. Pitot, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin
SEBM President, 1991-1993

Dale R. Romsos, Ph.D.
Michigan State University
SEBM President, 1997-1999

Robert H. Knopp, M.D.
University of Washington
SEBM President, 1999-2001

Barbara A. Horwitz, Ph.D.
University of California – Davis
SEBM President, 2001-2003 

Kenneth L. Barker, Ph.D.
State University of New York – Syracuse
SEBM President, 2003-2005 

Charles A. Blake, Ph.D.
University of South Carolina
SEBM President, 2005-2007 

Burton E. Sobel, M.D.
University of Vermont
SEBM President, 2007-2009