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President's Message

A reminder of our upcoming annual meeting that will be held concurrently with the Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego, CA from April 4th-7th, 2020. We are hosting a number of fantastic sessions with eminent speakers. Topics include Metabolomics, Nanonbodies, b-cell therapies, Antibiotic Resistance, R-loops in Disease, Synthetic Biology and Intercellular Trafficking. In addition, we will host our annual awards ceremony and poster session on Sunday April 5th at 5:30. This event will honor those who have earned


Travel Awards to the meeting, are being honored for manuscript contributions to Experimental Biology and Medicine, the Distinguished Scientist Award and induction of Fellows of the society.  

In addition, this is a great time to interact with the leadership of the Society as we are always interested to hear your thoughts on the Society and how we can move forward to benefit our members. Also, don’t miss out on the Mentor Meet-up and Career Development Workshop Saturday April 4th at 5:30.  More program details follow.  You can also find us on the exhibit floor in booth 1405.